Warning to all Rapidshare users

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For many years Rapidshare was considered to be a safe way for people to download copyrighted content without having to face repercussions. Recently, however, the company has been actively going after users that upload or download copyrighted files through the service by terminating accounts and logging IP-addresses for legal purposes.

Read the full story from TorrentFreak

Parker Lewis- Parker Lewis [2008]

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after a long hiatus….

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we’re back bitches.

i wont waste much of your time giving excuses to why we took so long to come back, i’ll just let you know what you need to know. to get your posting privileges back, shoot me an email (deekmedia @ gmail).

due to a different format we were using the last few months before the break, some of the links may look “glitchy” and possibly invisible.  if you see a post with a broken or missing link, please let us know on that respected post. all other requests should go to in the chat.

enough with the delay, lets bust out the headphones.

Bat For Lashes – Two Suns [2009]

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The Fever- Red Bedroom

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Cursive – Mama, I'm Swollen [2008]

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Nobunny – Love Visions [2008]

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Monument – Florida Ep [2007]

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Couple new things

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From now on, all info and links for any particular album will added as a comment. When creating a new post, the only thing that will be required is the title, the album art, and the genre category. Be sure the image isn’t larger than 400×400 pixels please.

I have imported a bunch of posts from the old server. Unfortunately, the links are hidden, so if you want to know the link to albums posted in October or November of this year, you will need to request via post comment.

As was the case before, you can become a poster by requesting an invite via the contact form here.

Thanks for sticking around guys. Good to have the company!

I have returned.

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So I’m pretty much fed up with all the host issues I’ve had to deal with the past couple months. I don’t know what caused me to make the change from wordpress.com to begin with… Well, there was the fact that I could literally add whatever kinds of scripts I wanted. Whereas on the wordpress.com host, I am limited to what they’ll offer me for free. And while I could have got a more dedicated server, that would have required lots of donations on your behalf. But that is not what this blog is about. The point of this blog is to share music with people. That means being able to sample shit without the hassle of having to pay for an overpriced album that you may not have liked in the first place.

So basically what I’m trying to say is; sorry for all the bullshit; new music coming soon; posting records will be a tad less convenient; expect 99.9% uptime.

While you’re waiting for new posts, you should login/signup your wordpress account. Also, vote in our final poll of 2008, the best albums of the year.


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