The Peechees – Games People Play [1999]

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The Peechees – Do The Math [1996]

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Ann Beretta – Bitter Tongues [1998]

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NOFX / The Spits Split 7″ [2010]

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Off! – The First Four EPs [2010]

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Punch – Push Pull [2010]

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Punch is a thrashcore band based in San Francisco, California, recognizable by fast, heavy sound with pulverizing breakdowns, intelligent song structures and absolutely plastering vocals. Their debut EP, Eyeless (2008), self titled LP (2009) and second LP, Push Pull (2010) are joint releases on record labels 625 Thrashcore and Discos Huelga. They have toured the US, Japan, Australia, and Europe.

Ceremony – Rohnert Park [2010]

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We’re a long, long away in musical distance from the band’s breakthrough Violence, Violence record, and similarly, their 2008 Bridge Nine throttle-fest, Still, Nothing Moves You. It’s a bizarre mutation, and maybe an upgrade. Maybe. Suddenly tempered, mostly melodic, memorable, and in the vein of classic 80s Los Angeles punk and hardcore, CEREMONY seems poised to join the trajectory of other critically approved bands FUCKED UP and TRASH TALK. -pastepunk


Sinaloa – S/T (EP) [2010]

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Since forming in 2001, Sinaloa has been constantly writing songs and touring, while continuing to work their day jobs. Over these years Sinaloa has released three full-length records: Fathers and Sons (2003 – Word Salad/Chernobyl), Footprints on Floorboards (2005 – Waking/Owsla), and Oceans of Islands (2008 – Level Plane/purepainsugar), they also recorded and self-released an acoustic version of Oceans of Islands on tape titled Chapel & Basement (2009). They have also put out a split record with Ampere (2006 – Ebullition); and appeared on various compilations and split 7”s with bands such as Wolves, Life at These Speeds, Catena Collapse, and Daniel Striped Tiger. Each recording has offered a progression in their musical style and insight into their thought process through their honesty and lyrical explanations. Often compared to the distant early nineties scene of Vermin Scum, Dischord, and Gravity Records, Sinaloa brings the fire of that era’s DIY punk and combines it with a grown-up sensibility and a lot of life experience. This is music as lifestyle, and lifestyle as music: deep personal history meets a life in independent music, and the results are a rare breed of idealism and practicality.

The Fall – Our Future Your Clutter (2010)

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Babes In Toyland – Spanking Machine [1990]

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