Between the Buried and Me – The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues (EP) [2011]

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On paper a two part series of conceptually linked releases relating to a pair of space age characters facing similar issues light years apart sounds a bit eccentric. In fact, it sounds more like something spawned from the LSD damaged gray matter of Mastodon than that of Between The Buried And Me. But with “The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues“, these North Carolina natives have blasted off in exactly that direction. This three track, 30 minute long release represents many of the finer points of Between The Buried And Me and the progressive tech metal juggernaut they have become. Given the heady concept the band are exploring one would expect them to employ a Cynic-like onslaught of space rock and digital effects. Ever the ones to avoid the status quo though, the group instead veer off in a more organic direction, going so far as to erupt into some surprisingly frivolous Mr. Bungle-reminiscent moments. As with any Between The Buried And Me release, the band exhibit an exceptional grasp of their individual instruments, tearing through stunningly complex arrangements with blistering performances. It seems any band can shred with proficiency these days though and depth is where Between The Buried And Me repeatedly set themselves apart. Whether it be the haunting organic tinges of the ever looming keys, the unexpected dips into slide guitars and what even sounds like an accordion on “Augment Of Rebirth“; the band showcase a somewhat kookier side that gives levity to what is often an epic, if not extremely turbulent voyage. Melody, while not explicitly the main focus of the release, remains as key and uplifting as ever, helping to punctuate this first half of the groups lofty tale. Truly Between The Buried And Me‘s songwriting has become more elaborate and cohesive without sacrificing any of the bands adventurousness. Whether they set their mind to passive harmonizing or a punishing metallic onslaught, they exude the same amount of passion and attention to detail. A select few bands can implement this level of control and precision over what should be an all out aural cataclysm and rope it all in. But only this one could cultivate this much artistic intent and explosive creativity from such a fearsome cyclone of instrumental chaos. – theprp.com

Between the Buried and Me – The Great Misdirect [2009]

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Deadsea – Deadsea [2007]

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Cloudkicker – Portmanteau (EP) [2009]

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Blotted Science – The Machinations of Dementia [2007]

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Devin Townsend Project – Ki [2009]

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From Blabbermouth.net:

“Comments Townsend: “‘Ki’ is the first in a series of four albums under the moniker ‘DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT.’ Each album is essentially a different band or collection of session musicians playing my music. They were chosen based on what the theme of the album is and the vibe that the album is trying to project. The album ‘Ki’ is very specific in this quartet of albums in that it controls its anger throughout, barring one song — ‘Heaven Send’ — and really is an exercise in having little to prove.”

Devin adds, “‘Ki’ is a subtle, severe album. A challenge in some ways. As the ‘intro’ to the story (the story being the four records) it needs to set the stage. The point to the music is that the whisper is louder than the roar in many ways. ‘Ki’ is (on the surface) quiet and unassuming. Whenever it begins to lose its temper, it stops. It does not let it go, it is avoiding that temptation, as that sort of anger is really gratifying but ultimately just leaves me unhappy. ‘Ki’ is about control, and although it is not an overtly ‘heavy’ album, it is heavy thematically. On these four records, it starts with ‘Ki’, which is essentially a cross section of all the albums, but the idea is that it is not here to impose itself. It just does it’s thing. Like a little a.m radio playing in the corner.”





Canvas Solaris – The Atomized Dream [2008]

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