Mares of Thrace – The Moulting [2010]

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Two-woman show from Canada making awesomely heavy sludge/doom/noise. Similar: Dark Castle, Black Cobra, Jucifer, Zoroaster

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Rhetoric Disguise – Subliminal Lunchbox (2009)

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Rhetoric Disguise – Greatest Hits (2009)

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Many look forward to being part of it, but only a few enlightened can get in the rock Olympus through the front door. These are artists with a superlative talent that had the ability to sell a number of records as high as the incommensurable stratosphere, giving them the righteous pass to the very mesh of posterity.

“Greatest Hits” is, on one hand, a spontaneous tribute to some of these pillars of the rock record industry, and on the other hand, a useless attempt to understand those almost supernatural mechanisms based upon which the network of dreams is built.

Keiki – Domestic Beings EP [2009]

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Whisper Room – Birch White [2009]

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Boris – Vein (Drone Version) [2006]

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Laurent Garnier – 2005 – The Cloud Making Machine

Food For Animals – Belly [2008]

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Fragmented Landscape Collapse – Soundtrack for Ten Films that doesn't Even Exist [2008]

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Various Artists – Ambient Not Not Ambient [2008]

Pretty good compilation of various ambient / electronic / idm artists.
The specific tracklist for this cd is listed in the comments of this.
Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?0kywcigmmzl

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