Ty Segall – Melted [2010]

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You’re not going to hear many rock records that’ll kick you square in the pants quite like this one this year, provided Segall doesn’t up and crank another one out by December; the kid’s got heart, brains, and quite an ear for a hook, and he throws himself body and soul into these tunes. Segall makes quite an impression in half an hour’s time, and Melted’s the best foot he’s put forward yet. It still seems like his best records are ahead of him, like he’s still got a couple of things to nail, but as it stands, Melted could charm the sweat out of anybody. – Pitchfork

The Black Keys – Brothers [2010]

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The latest album for the duo of Daniel Auerbach and Patrick Carney features two tracks produced with Danger Mouse. – metacritic

Nobunny – First Blood [2010]

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Hail! Hail! America’s favorite loopily leporine rock ‘n’ roller, Nobunny, is back with a new album, First Blood, and it’s his catchiest batch of tunes yet. The melodious masked man kicks it off with “Ain’t It a Shame,” a bittersweet tale of a rocky romance in which Nobunny’s lover has no choice but to endure his frequent indiscretions. He’s just that damned charming. “Blow Dumb” is a Velvet-y tribute to all the things that make life worth livin’-“smokin’ Copenhagen,” make-out sessions and “burger breaks.” In fact, First Blood never overstays its welcome and lasts about as long as a particularly adventurous mid-party burger run. – Goner

The King Khan & BBQ Show – Invisible Girl [2009]

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The King Khan & BBQ Show is a Canadian garage rock duo from Montreal, Quebec. The band is comprised of former The Spaceshits bandmates Mark Sultan and Blacksnake. Mark Sultan, under the pseudonym BBQ, contributes vocals, guitar, tambourine, bass drum, and snare drum; while Blacksnake, currently using the pseudonym King Khan, provides lead guitar and vocals.Both BBQ and King Khan had previously collaborated together while the two were members of the Montreal-based Spaceshits, however, following a European tour, Blacksnake (the then-current alias of King Khan) opted to remain in Germany on a permanent basis, resulting in the ultimate breakup of the Spaceshits, who chose not to continue without Blacksnake. Following the breakup of the Spaceshits, Mark Sultan started another Montreal-based band, Les Sexareenos, before venturing off on his own as a one-man band under the pseudonym BBQ. It was as BBQ that Mark Sultan re-established contact with Blacksnake, playing alongside Blacksnake’s new band, King Khan & The Shrines. The two began writing songs together at Blacksnake’s apartment in Germany, playing them live at sporadic shows around Germany and Spain.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Beat the Devil’s Tattoo [2010]

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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is a rock band from San Francisco, United States now based in Los Angeles. The band formed in 1998. They are influenced by Johnny Cash, The Rolling Stones, Iggy Pop and the Stooges, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Doors, Sex Pistols, The Ramones and 1980s British acts like Spacemen 3 and especially The Jesus and Mary Chain. Their style also encompassed slower paced psychedelic dreamy grooves influenced by shoegazers like My Bloody Valentine and Ride. Recently, with their third record Howl, they developed a new sound somewhere between blues, folk, gospel and rock, but still with their old melancholy. The band’s second album ‘Take Them On, On Your Own’ featured several songs (‘Generation’ and ‘US Government’) which were critical of the United States’ foreign policy and George Bush in particular. After conflict with their label (Virgin Records), the band was dropped in 2004. Nick Jago left the band at the end of their summer tour in the same year due to “internal conflict”. Following Jago’s departure Peter Hayes and Robert Levon Been regrouped and recorded the band’s third album. In 2005 the band inked a new deal with Echo in the UK, and RCA in the US. Nick Jago also returned to the fold. The band’s third album “Howl” was released that same year to widespread critical acclaim. Jago returned after most of the album was recorded but played on “Promise”. “Baby 81” the band’s fourth album was released on May 1st, 2007. In June 2008 Nick Jago once again left the touring line-up of the band being replaced by The Raveonettes’ touring drummer Leah Shapiro. Nick stated that “…I am fired again and to be honest with you I respect their decision”. However Hayes and Been released a conflicting joint statement that read “Nick won’t be joining us for the upcoming European tour, but it’s not true that he is fired. We just feel Nick needs time to sort out exactly what he wants right now. His heart and all his energy and attention is on his own solo project and he needs to see that through”.

Smiths Westerns – S/T [2009]

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The Smith Westerns are from Chicago, and as far as we can tell are either named after a tourist trinket manufacturer in Tacoma or a chain of honkytonk restaurants in south England. Maybe both. Imagine being on family vacation somewhere kind of corny and sucky but running into a girl or boy who is also on family vacation in the same corny, sucky place. You guys buy each other pins from the gift shop at the foot of a rollercoaster, maybe they’re little cowboy hats. You throw some skeeball. Then you go back to your hometowns and write each other crazy letters for the rest of the summer while listening to Marc Bolan. That’s what this song sounds like. So maybe they know what they’re doing with the name. Regardless, this shit is so good we had to learn all the words just so we could yell it at grumpy snitches on the subway.

Girls – Album [2009]

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Vivian Girls – Everything Always Goes Wrong [2009]

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White Denim – Fits (2009)

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Japandroids – All Lies (2007)

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