Helms Alee – Night Terror [2008]

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Jaguar Love – Hologram Jams [2010]

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Jaguar Love is an American indie rock band from Portland, Oregon / Seattle, Washington that formed in 2007. Jaguar Love is one of two bands that have sprung out of the 2007 break-up of experimental hardcore band The Blood Brothers (the other being Past Lives, comprising ex-singer Jordan Blilie, ex-drummer Mark Gajadhar, ex-bassist Morgan Henderson, and original Blood Brothers guitarist Devin Welch).

Xiu Xiu – Fabulous Muscles [2004]

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Fang Island – S/T [2010]

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Ultimate Thrush – S/T [2009]

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The Knife – Tomorrow, In a Year [2010]

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Jesu – Opiate Sun Ep [Caldo Verde; 2009]

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Animal Collective – Fall Be Kind Ep [Domino; 2009]

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Andrew Douglas Rothbard – Exodusarabesque [2009]

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[Various Artists] – Music From The 21st Century (1980)

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