The Decemberists – The King Is Dead [2011]

Posted in folk,folk rock,indie folk,indie rock by deek on December 18, 2010

For those who weren’t on board with 2009’s lavish rock opera The Hazards of Love, Colin Meloy and company are giving you another variation on their brand of theatrical, literate indie pop. Direct Current Music and a handful of other sources report that on Jan. 11, The Decemberists will release The King Is Dead. It’s the band’s sixth full-length album, their third for Capitol Records, and most likely not their first Morrissey bon mot. Possibly attributable to the influence of special guest Peter Buck (R.E.M.), Meloy promises listeners a more straightforward, folk-rock approach on The King Is Dead — and it shows in “Down By the Water” and some of other new tunes the band has been playing live. You should still probably keep a thesaurus handy and the Wikipedia entry on the 19th century bookmarked. -Prefix Mag

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  2. Espana said,

    It’s back to basics and a return to form for Colin Meloy and his Decemberists. The last two albums (Hazards of Love and The Crane wife)were bold attempts at broadening the scope and sound of the band’s music. Somewhere along the way the band lost a bit of the magic and charm that made Smiths fans think that there might actually be worthwhile music in the twenty first century.

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