Sufjan Stevens – The Age of Adz [2010]

Posted in art pop,chamber pop,indie electronic,progressive pop by deek on October 23, 2010

Known for his genre-bending instrumentation and soulful lyricism, the Detroit-born indie rocker returns five years after his last proper album with an experimental variety of electro-orchestral folk pop songs. -metacritic

Gnod & White Hills – Gnod Drop Out with White Hills II [2010]

Posted in stoner by lifetimeguerintee on October 6, 2010

Deerhunter – Halcyon Digest [2010]

Posted in dream pop,indie rock,neo psychedelia,psychedelic pop,shoegaze by deek on October 3, 2010

The Atlanta-based quartet’s fourth album combines calm shoegaze pop and noisy punk rock to create a dreamy, psychedelic sound.

Envy – Recitation [2010]

Posted in post-hardcore,post-rock,screamo by deek on October 1, 2010

Japanese noise-monsters Envy are no strangers to the quiet-loud-ear-bleedingly-louder dynamic used by their label bosses Mogwai. In keeping with their post-rock roots, ‘Recitation’ is a tumultuous addition to their previous cerebral offerings. Pummelling screamo chant-cum-divertimento ‘A Breath Clad In Happiness’ and the fury of ‘Rainclouds Running In A Holy Night’ coexist effortlessly with gentle opener ‘Guidance’ and the serenade of ‘A Hint Of The Incapacity’, proving that big bursts of cacophonous bedlam and instrumental sentimentality aren’t mutually exclusive. A brutally romantic record.

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