Misery Index – Heirs to Thievery [2010]

Posted in death metal by deek on May 29, 2010

Misery Index is an American death metal band formed in 2001 in Baltimore, Maryland by Jason Netherton (bass, vocals), Mike Harrison (guitar, vocals) and Kevin Talley (drums). Some say the band is named after Assück’s last album of the same name (1996), however the socio-political theme featured in many of the lyrics also point towards the economic term (both increasing inflation and unemployment result in the rise of the misery index). As of 2006, its line-up consists of Jason Netherton (bass, vocals), Sparky Voyles (guitar), Mark Klöppel (guitar) and Adam Jarvis (drums). Their music is best described as death metal with strong hardcore and grindcore influences. Their vein of music is often said to resemble their fellow Maryland death metal outfit Dying Fetus, as Netherton and Voyles are former members of the band. Misery Index’s lyrical subject matter is quite left-wing, often coinciding with anarcho-punk aesthetic and focusing mostly on the ills of modern society. They have toured with bands such as Fear Factory, Mastodon, Nile & Suffocation. They have also released a promotional video for ‘The Great Depression’ from the ‘Retaliate’ album and as of late November 2006, have a promotional video for ‘Conquistadores’ (from the album ‘Discordia’) ready to release. -last.fm

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    http://beyondhell.maxforum.org/ for some sick ass gore photos and videos.

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