The King Khan & BBQ Show – Invisible Girl [2009]

Posted in garage rock,garage rock revival by deek on March 8, 2010


The King Khan & BBQ Show is a Canadian garage rock duo from Montreal, Quebec. The band is comprised of former The Spaceshits bandmates Mark Sultan and Blacksnake. Mark Sultan, under the pseudonym BBQ, contributes vocals, guitar, tambourine, bass drum, and snare drum; while Blacksnake, currently using the pseudonym King Khan, provides lead guitar and vocals.Both BBQ and King Khan had previously collaborated together while the two were members of the Montreal-based Spaceshits, however, following a European tour, Blacksnake (the then-current alias of King Khan) opted to remain in Germany on a permanent basis, resulting in the ultimate breakup of the Spaceshits, who chose not to continue without Blacksnake. Following the breakup of the Spaceshits, Mark Sultan started another Montreal-based band, Les Sexareenos, before venturing off on his own as a one-man band under the pseudonym BBQ. It was as BBQ that Mark Sultan re-established contact with Blacksnake, playing alongside Blacksnake’s new band, King Khan & The Shrines. The two began writing songs together at Blacksnake’s apartment in Germany, playing them live at sporadic shows around Germany and Spain.

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