Shearwater – The Golden Archipelago [2010]

Posted in folk rock,indie folk,indie rock by deek on February 24, 2010


Shearwater was formed by two bandmembers of Austin, TX’s Okkervil River. Okkervil’s singer and guitarist, Will Sheff, and back-up vocalist and accordion/keyboard player, Jonathan Meiburg formed Shearwater so they could write softer, more folk-influenced music. Band members today include Jonathan Meiburg, Thor Harris, Kim Burke, Jordan Geiger, and Kevin Schneider. To date, Shearwater has released six full-length albums, ‘The Dissolving Room’, ‘Everybody Makes Mistakes’, ‘Winged Life’, ‘Palo Santo’, ‘Rook’ and ‘The Golden Archipelago’ as well as an EP entitled Thieves and a split album with Okkervil River entitled Sham Wedding/Hoax Funeral. Beginning at some point in 2005, Will Sheff lessened his role in the band. Jonathan Meiburg wrote the entirety of Palo Santo. As a biologist, Jonathan has a particular perspective. The songs of Palo Santo were partly written at the Galápagos Islands in the footsteps of Charles Darwin. And he evolves with beautiful ‘pictures’ of nature at Rook.

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