after a long hiatus….

Posted in Uncategorized by deek on December 26, 2009

we’re back bitches.

i wont waste much of your time giving excuses to why we took so long to come back, i’ll just let you know what you need to know. to get your posting privileges back, shoot me an email (deekmedia @ gmail).

due to a different format we were using the last few months before the break, some of the links may look “glitchy” and possibly invisible.  if you see a post with a broken or missing link, please let us know on that respected post. all other requests should go to in the chat.

enough with the delay, lets bust out the headphones.

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  1. ben thomas said,

    yeahh! rock it deek. email coming your way.
    ps, you need another domain?

  2. inflikt said,

    Welcome back, Deek….and Deek fans!

  3. rob mafia said,

    awesome! glad to see you’re back. wish i saw this sooner, but still stoked, nonetheless.

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