Caspian – Tertia [2009]

Posted in instrumental,post-rock by deek on July 19, 2009




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  1. tizodd1 said,

    hope you all enjoy. I had been waiting for this one for 3 months.

  2. tizodd1 said,

    i think that this rip might be a web-rip… it kind of sounds like its alittle washed out. even so, the album doesnt come out for another month, so take it or leave it.

  3. cjmitchell said,

    Yeah, they made it fully streamable on last.fm for a bit, and then it got taken down… gonna wait for a proper version myself.

  4. deek said,

    PJ from Caspian:

    “Haha if our album is going to leak at least it could be in better quality :)

    I listened to the high quality one and this “leak” side by side just now and the leak that is floating around is not as loud, full and rich as the official version. And the drums sound really weird. I’m sure there is a way to explain this in technical terms or what have you… I’m just aloof with that stuff. The sound quality is not up to par with this leaked version. Plus it’s missing the song “Epochs in DMaj” (my version at least) and that track is CRITICAL to the album’s flow and giving the listener a chance to breathe for a second.

    I think the only thing we hope here in that people’s opinion of the record do not get influenced negatively by first hearing it in subpar quality like this. If one was to listen to the actual vinyl or cd version first, with the artwork and the full presentation especially, and didn’t like the album then that is one thing. But if someone’s first exposure to the record is based around something that does not sound the way it was meant to be experienced, then that kind of blows.

    We’re not complaining though… The leak thing is part of the process for sure these days. Hopefully people give the real version a chance and buy a copy of the CD or 2XLP if they like what they hear from a higher quality leak and support the band and record label.”

  5. watcher said,

    The download link has an error

  6. deek said,



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