My Bloody Valentine – Live @ Fuji Rock Festival '08 (bootleg) [2009]

Posted in live,shoegaze by deek on July 16, 2009




01. I Only Said
02. When You Sleep
03. You Never Should
04. Cigarette In Your Bed
05. Come In Alone
06. Only Shallow
07. Thorn
08. Nothing Much To Lose
09. To Here Knows When
10. Slow
11. Soon
12. Feed Me With Your Kiss
13. You Made Me Realise



4 Responses to 'My Bloody Valentine – Live @ Fuji Rock Festival '08 (bootleg) [2009]'

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  1. Here’s a larger version of the album art, because as you know, I’m anal about that kind of thing.

  2. deek said,

    been wanting to hear this full show. thanks a bunch.

    btw, is this a soundboard?

  3. deek said,

    nevermind, it’s not. unfortunately, you get to hear the ever-too-common loud drunk girl that’s seemingly right in front of the recording device. LOL. thanks still.

  4. Yeaaaah, every bootleg seems to have THAT girl.
    Have you ever heard the bootleg of the Smashing Pumpkins’ farewell show in 2000? Holy shit haha

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