Joe Hisaishi – Studio Ghibli Concert [2008]

Posted in classical,live by deek on June 26, 2009

Thanks to Alexanderunderthesea for the album art.





4 Responses to 'Joe Hisaishi – Studio Ghibli Concert [2008]'

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  1. DrK said,

    link do not work :-(

  2. b00nb00n said,

    I’m sorry, I couldn’t upload the file to mediafire because it is bigger than 100 mb. I thought the guys from bluehost.to were quicker in checking the files. Anyway, I added a link for megaupload, this one should work for you.

  3. As I’m super anal about my iTunes being pristine, I made a mock-up cover for this release, just in case anyone else is as obsessively organized as I haha

  4. b00nb00n said,

    Wow thanks, nice job! It even has Totoro on it -> this is the new album art for this release in my library^^ I’ll replace the cover on this site with yours as well if that’s ok, if not just hit me ;)

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