Circulatory System – Signal Morning [2009]

Posted in neo psychedelia,psychedelic pop by deek on May 31, 2009

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  1. deek said,

    1. Woodpecker Greeting Worker Ant
    2. Rocks and Stones
    3. This Morning (We Remembered Everything)
    4. Tiny Concerts
    5. Electronic Diversion
    6. Overjoyed
    7. The Breathing Universe
    8. New From The Heavenly Loom
    9. The Spinning Continuous
    10. I You We
    11. Blasting Through
    12. Solid Forms Dissolving
    13. Gold Will Stay
    14. The Frozen Lake / The Symmetry
    15. Until Moon Medium Hears The Message
    16. (Drifts)
    17. Signal Morning


    Seven and a half years in the making, culled from hours of recorded material sculpted in at least seven different studios, the new Circulatory System album is an absolutely stellar document of song and sound. Still concerned with matters of the inner/the outer, the incomprehensibly huge and the very, very small, Signal Morning is an imperative blast of kinetic motion. Composed by W. Cullen Hart while in the midst of battling Multiple Sclerosis within his own system, the new album finds Hart broadcasting his urgent pleas to the world(s) to evolve into a higher dimension, or for existing patterns to reveal themselves at peace within the natural order of the universe.

    Featuring all the members of The Olivia Tremor Control, as well as Jeff Mangum and Julian Koster of Neutral Milk Hotel, Signal Morning has been eagerly anticipated since the release of the first Circulatory System record earlier this decade. Past and recent tours with the Elephant 6 Orchestra, the Instruments, Pipes You See, Pipes You Don’t, the New Sound of Numbers, Need New Body, and the Sea & Cake have only served to enhance excitement for a new record from the group. New Circulatory System songs posted on the group’s myspace page in 2008 immediately received favorable attention from Pitchfork and National Public Radio.

    Signal Morning features Will Hart and Bill Doss singing in harmony once again on the first song “Woodpecker Greeting Worker Ant”. Thick with textures, layered percussion, angular guitars, vibrating strings, woodwinds, and brass, Signal Morning represents a welcome addition to the musical landscape of this year and beyond.

    The band plans to tour extensively in support of the album.

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