Taking Back Sunday – New Again (2009)

Posted in pop/rock by deek on May 20, 2009
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8 Responses to 'Taking Back Sunday – New Again (2009)'

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  1. cheeseburger said,

    Link is invalid.
    I’d appreciate it veeery much if someone upped this again.

  2. xgabex said,

    i’m so disappointed in this release.

  3. deek said,

    i stopped listening after the second record tbh

  4. deek said,


  5. TheRevisionist said,

    this band stopped being good after their first album. still love that record, though.

  6. deek said,

    haha, yes. i remember having the demos of those songs back in the day. i went out and bought that record the day it came out i think. great singalong/car ride songs.

  7. caesarsrome said,

    This record is great. Shows growth and maturity in their songs. Very impressed, it may not be an instant likeable record for everyone but im pretty sure it would grow on you if you weren’t sold straight away!

  8. aznarracm said,

    they shouldve just changed their name cause theyre not taking back sunday any more.

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