Doves – Lost Souls [2000]

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  1. deek said,

    1 Firesuite 4:36
    2 Here It Comes 4:50
    3 Break Me Gently 4:38
    4 Sea Song 6:12
    5 Rise 5:38
    6 Lost Souls 6:09
    7 Melody Calls 3:27
    8 Catch the Sun 4:49
    9 The Man Who Told Everything 5:47
    10 The Cedar Room 7:38
    11 Reprise 1:45
    12 A House 3:40

    Hailing from the scene that brought the defining sounds of the Smiths, the Stone Roses, Oasis, James, and the Charlatans UK, Doves is another Brit-pop band playing around with depressing lyrical imagery and embryonic soundscapes that made the Mancunian circuit so popular throughout the ’80s and ’90s. Gloriously basking in the ethereal ones before them, their debut Lost Souls is a shoegazing twist of emotional bliss. Music hasn’t sounded so heavenly since Radiohead and The Verve. The dozen-track look into streaming psychedelia taps into melodic waves of love lorn and sadness, especially on songs like “Rise” and “Lost Souls.” The mood rouses and the positive clamor of “The Cedar Room” becomes the album’s brassy anthem, very Oasis-like. Frontman/bassist Jimi Goodwin drools like a swooning Damon Albarn during “Here It Comes” and whooshing guitar licks from Jez Williams recall the sounds of Noel Gallagher. NME boldly claims it as the best debut album since Definitely Maybe. They’re onto something good. If only Liam and Noel could calm down a bit and find that mesmerizing nature once again. [In October 2000, Lost Souls was issued in America on Astralwerks with three added bonus tracks not included on the original version]. -allmusic

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