Yoko Kanno – Cowboy Bebop OST (1998)




7 Responses to 'Yoko Kanno – Cowboy Bebop OST (1998)'

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  1. man i loved the shit out of that show. damn shame it only had 20 episodes.

  2. deek said,


  3. low_brass said,

    Oh fuck yes. I was watching Ghost in the Shell a few weeks ago and was reminded how awesome Yoko Kanno is.

  4. ropemyers said,

    Do you have the second and third discs of the soundtrack ripped at 256 also?

  5. eljobo said,

    @ropemyers: Unfortunately I don’t, but if I find them I’ll be sure to upload them here.

  6. eljobo said,

    Actually, this is probably better:


    A really massive Yoko Kanno Discography at high quality bitrates (at least the ones I’ve gotten so far)

  7. rusty tacos said,

    thank you so much man
    ive been looking for this for awhile

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