Sky Larkin – Golden Spike [2009]

Posted in indie rock by deek on December 29, 2008


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  1. deek said,

    LISTEN: http://www.myspace.com/skylarkinskylarkin
    DL: (link removed per request)

    1 Fossil, I
    2 Pica
    3 Molten
    4 Antibodies
    5 Octopus ’08
    6 Somersault
    7 Beeline
    8 One Of Two
    9 Matador
    10 Geography
    11 Summit
    12 Keep Sakes

  2. james said,


    i am writing to you on behalf of the band Sky Larkin and the record label Wichita that own the copyright to this recording. You have uploaded this content without consent and approval by the copyright owners and are therefor requested that you remove the links and delete the content from your servers as a matter of urgency. Failure to do so will result in us contacting your hosting company and removing the post / your site from their servers.

    Please email jamespenycate@gmail.com when this has been completed. We don’t wish to enforce this – but simple posting entire albums of unreleased music in against the wishes of the record label, management and the artist Sky larkin. Please respect the artists wishes.

    please remove this link as soon as possible and confirm when done.

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