Posted in Uncategorized by deek on September 27, 2008

So for the past while, I’ve been working on a transition to a new host (yes, I’m still alive). As much as I love the wordpress platform, the functions are very limited when it comes to hosting on their servers. Fortunately, I can take their software and host it myself, which I am in the process of doing. Most of the work is done at this point, and I’m just doing some touch-ups before I make it official.

Now, exporting blog posts, comments, and categories from this blog was the easy part. Importing them to the new server was somewhat of a hassle, since the software doesn’t expect you to upload anything bigger than a 2MB backup file. But as you know, we have a somewhat of an extensive history. So it actually took me a good part of two days to get that working properly.

All author cred is indeed still intact with each post too. I will send all blog contributers here an invite to the new blog so you will have top priority in recreating your existing user name. Making posts is even easier now, so if you would like to contribute to the new opening of deek media with some fresh new music, leave or send me your e-mail and you’ll also get first dibs on where we’ll be moving.

At this point, I ask that no more albums are posted at this location. What I do ask of everyone is to leave me some comments here on what you’d like to see as a feature on the new blog. It can’t be anything too bulky, as I like to keep this site somewhat minimalistic and quick loading. If I choose to use your suggestion on the site, I’ll send you an indietorrents invite as a token of my appreciation.

Thanks everyone!


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  1. Santi said,

    I just want to join up with this and contribute w/e I can really honestly, I’ve been lurking for 2-3 months and this is by far one of the better blogs.

  2. Kevin Van Overloop said,

    Deeek is definitely one of my top 3 favourite blogs. Just keep on doing you’re great job in spreading indie!

  3. Chris said,

    Deek, I will say on the new blog, keep shit simple. no bells and whistles. Let people contribute any type of music as has been the case with the blog in the past. Love it and its definitely a blog I check frequently. Good luck with the move..


  4. DeepKarma said,

    Love the blog. I feel your pain trying to get through the switchover to a new platform. One suggestion for the new site…archive posts by band name instead of by month. Other then that, keep doing what your doing bro.

  5. chris said,

    i agree keep doing what youre doing. if it aint broke dont fix it.

  6. vortex said,

    hi deeek, like what you do. to keep it more simple, you could just link to the myspace/facebook sides of bands/artists instead of uploading music into your player. think this would be easier.
    keep on doing what you do. it´s really good

  7. connick said,

    Hey mate keep me updated on this, should be a good change in the long run.

  8. Mannie said,

    Hey deek my idea is that you do themed posts such as classic album Friday or something of that sort

  9. Xander said,

    Think we can have something of a chatbox somewhere? Maybe a forum? So people can get to know each other.

  10. rhydian said,

    I’d love to have a song or two streaming from the subject album.

  11. deek said,

    I had a forum a couple times, but it didn’t seemed to be used much. If enough of you would use it, I could add it back. Otherwise, I’ll use a shoutbox type of system.

  12. Artur said,

    Well, so far you have done great work with this blog wich is one of my daily fav.
    I would like to be updated on whatever you are thinking of making. Cheers!

  13. trat said,

    i thought you were doing a great job, already… as long as i know where to find the new blog/site, i’ll be happy.

  14. stef said,

    which is the new platform?

  15. Localretard said,

    How about a similar music type of thing…just like “If you like this then you might like this:”

  16. Y10NRDY said,

    I really don’t know what I would do without you, DEEK. Please invite me to the new blog. I would suggest a donation window for all the free jams you have given us.

  17. Nate said,

    Deek always brings the best new music. Hoping it will continue into the future. I think the blog has always been easy to use, and has always had the music i wanted to preview. If it aint broke…

  18. chris said,

    i second the “like if you like” idea. why didnt i think of that.

  19. polk said,

    deek, just let us/me (!) know where you ‘move’ to…love the site. always great music/sounds/info shared here. great community.


  20. Aaron said,

    Thanks for all of the great tunes. I liked how in the past you were able to search the archive by genre, I found that to be very helpful. It was also nice when looking at the albums posted to get an idea as to what to expect. Anyhow, love the site and would love help any way that I can. I think the donation idea would be good for you to at least help cover some of your overhead.

  21. alex said,

    a shoutbox would be great. other than that, the blog is awesome as is.

  22. Julian said,

    I think having a streaming song from each album would be rocking.
    And seriously, this is the first music blog I really checked regularly and it is still the best. I would not know about so much shit if it weren’t for this place.

  23. chris said,

    where are you moving to man?

  24. Kok Vui said,

    nowt there yet…

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