attn: Old-School Gamers

Posted in Uncategorized by deek on July 31, 2008

Retro video games, especially 8bit/16bit console RPGs, are something of a hobby for me… Ok, more like an addiction. Underground Gamer is a torrent site dedicated to the preservation and sharing of classic gaming and game-related media. Games for DOS/Windows/Mac/Linux, full ROM sets for Nintendo/Sega, Playstation ISOs, videos, manuals, and plenty more… If you’re interested in becoming a member, you can get more info in the comments.

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  1. deek said,

    As an elite member of Underground-Gamer.com, I get a handful of invites every week or so. If you are interested in an invite, all I ask is that you agree to actively use the site, and are familiar with how to keep a good ratio (port forwarding, creating torrents, etc). If you are just going to sign-up to “check it out” or basically just look for one specific game, I’d rather save it for somebody else. If you have any questions or comments pertaining to Underground Gamer, please leave me a comment. If you agree to these terms, leave your e-mail, or give me a shout at deekmedia[at]gmail.com and I’ll hook you up with an invite.

    from the UG wiki: “Underground Gamer is a torrent site dedicated to the preservation and sharing of classic gaming and game-related media. We’re purely focused on retro gaming from 1970’s DOS games right up to the death of the Dreamcast around 2001 – we don’t accept new games from any of the current or next generation consoles! The primary thing which makes UG unique is that we are a closed community. This means that you’ll find high quality, well-tested uploads that are almost guaranteed to be fully seeded. Our game torrents can be pretty much divided into three camps: CD Images of classic games from the 32 and early 128 bit systems, individual and full sets of ROMs for all cart-based platforms up to and including the N64, and PC/DOS rips and CD Images from 8 years ago or older. We also encourage torrents with other game-related media, such as Original Sound Tracks (OSTs) and other Video Game Media (VGM), including magazines and game-inspired video. If it is related to Classic and Retro gaming, we’ll have it; and if we don’t have it – we want it!”

  2. would love an invite… kid9onacid[at]gmail.com
    i’d be more than happy to share my collection also (but no doubt everything i have is at UG already)

  3. dannyhop said,

    I’d definitely be interested! dannyhop[at]gmail.com

  4. havvek said,

    I would like one


  5. deek said,

    Glad to see interest in this type of thing. All invites up until this point have been sent out. If you request for one after this time, please be patient as I wait to receive more.

  6. dimlightswitch said,

    Would also appreciate an a spare invite, please.


  7. secretdumpster said,

    I would love one, if possible, obelisksound (at) yahoo.com, i have lots of stuff and would get things as they come up in random places.
    Is there support for visual pinball?

  8. kingxsky said,

    kingsky [at] gmail.com

  9. skimi3oarder said,

    I would also like an invite. –> coconia@ccsu.edu

    I already have a collection of Video game music and would love to expand/share.

  10. robotanalysis said,

    I would love one as well. In fact, I just sold my XBox 360 because my girlfriend and I still play NES/SNES/Mame games.

    robotanalysis [at] gmail.com

  11. deek said,

    Everyone up until this point should have received their invite.

    Happy gaming!

  12. alkylyou said,

    i’d really love an invite!
    thanks so much!

  13. mikemyerz666 said,

    i am definitely in it for the turbografx, old dos, and quite possibly intellivision, i have nes, sega, snes, and game boy/color games, got those off of mininova though, (mikemyerz666@hotmail.com) thanks in advance!

  14. rossmosis said,

    i would love one. thank you.


  15. lossfound said,

    I would also love an invite. thirdparty hyat lossfoundation dawt com. Thank you!

  16. deek said,

    Invites up until now have been sent. Enjoy!

  17. i would love to have an invite. i’m pretty good at keeping a decent ratio, and i love classic games =]
    the email is:
    thanks =)

  18. ginsberginspace@gmail.com

  19. KRS-One said,

    an invite would be greatly appreciated
    ty ty

  20. Steve said,

    I would love an invite. The site looks amazing Robotron was my obsession!!

  21. deek said,

    Invites sent. Let me know if you haven’t received yours.

  22. Anonymous said,

    hey there …. not sure if I’m too late for this …. but if there’s still an invite available I’d love one … !!!
    started with apple 2, then c64, then amiga 500, etc. I’ve got many years of retro gaming under my belt

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