The Hold Steady – Stay Positive [2008]

Posted in alternative,indie,indie rock,rock by deek on May 23, 2008


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  1. jheisel said,

    Release date: 14/07/2008
    Bitrate: 256vbr

    1. Constructive Summer
    2. Sequestered in Memphis
    3. One for the Cutters
    4. Navy Sheets
    5. Lord, I’m Discouraged
    6. Yeah Sapphire
    7. Both Crosses
    8. Stay Positive
    9. Magazines
    10. Joke About Jamaica
    11. Slapped Actress

    found via http://community.livejournal.com/leakage_channel/536382.html

  2. fadingcaptain said,

    Link is dead…re-up anyone?

  3. minorrockstar said,

    think this might be it


    Also dead!

  5. schfity five said,


  6. Anonymous said,


  7. Rohan said,

    This is probably the best fuckin’ post ever, I’m tripping on this album. IMHO, the opening track sounds alot like Husker Du though. This album kicks ass anyway

  8. admin said,

    thank you mr. 55

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