Harriet the Spy – Unfuckwithable [1998]

Posted in emo,post-hardcore,screamo by deek on May 19, 2008


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  1. Capt_nigga said,

    where are alll the freakin genre descriptions>???

  2. fløjterogpølser said,

    what kind of music is it?

  3. Narcoleptico said,

    It’s an amazing blog this one, hope you can check out mine. Thanks & Cheers

  4. Capt_nigga said,

    put a genre description on the front page with every album you put up kthx

  5. admin said,

    Genre descriptions on the front page is currently not possible with the theme we are using. Fortunately, you can just click on a Month in the History, and browse genres that way.

    ex: http://deekmedia.wordpress.com/2008/05/

  6. Nmeoner said,

    Damn, some of these fuckers are pretty ungreatful. Great blog Deek…keep it up.

  7. mother erf said,

    fuck em all deeek, i say thanks as much as possible – THANKS AGAIN!

  8. Anonymous said,

    hey deek great blog man….i wouldnt even reply to these clueless faggots if i was you..

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