Animal Collective – Strawberry Jam [2007]

Posted in experimental,folk,indie,psychedelic by deek on May 12, 2008



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  1. admin said,

    1 Peacebone 5:13
    2 Unsolved Mysteries 4:25
    3 Chores 4:30
    4 For Reverend Green 6:34
    5 Fireworks 6:50
    6 #1 4:32
    7 Winter Wonder Land 2:44
    8 Cuckoo Cuckoo 5:42
    9 Derek 3:01

  2. fløjterogpølser said,

    bit old news, but still nice

  3. el postino loco said,

    Old or new..I don’t care….magical stays magical..thanx
    el postino loco

  4. admin said,

    this was originally posted here over a year ago. i’m just rebumping and adding to our animal collective collection. ;)

  5. Reggie said,

    And you’ve reposted with a video.

    Thanks for this!

  6. latecomer said,

    as for me i didn’t know this crazy band till today so thanks a lot, great blog. too bad the russian circle link won’t work, love the video

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