Circle – Tulikoira [2005]

Posted in heavy metal,krautrock,progressive by deek on April 12, 2008



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  1. admin said,


    80s heavymetal sound mixed with atmospheric drones and other weird tricks.

    1 Rautakäärme 7:05
    2 Tulilintu 3:50
    3 Berserk 8:03
    4 Puutiikeri 24:13

  2. Petya Venikov said,

    wow thank you so much! great stuff! is it possible to post Pori – if you have it? much thanks again!

  3. admin said,

    i’ll see what i can do.

    what’s their best album
    would you say?

  4. Petya Venikov said,

    You know honestly, its a tough question, I think every album sounds so different, and pleases a different genre listener with each album that it’s tough to say. The safe answer would be “Kollekt” [ Compilation ] that encompasses a lot of that genre breaking work; but again doesn’t give them justice – Prospekt is a great one, more math-rocky, Andexelt as well [jazzy ] ; both again, with a completely different sound..Fraten is got a gigantic electronic touch, with Gregorian chants!?;each album maintains its psych, noisy, drone influences…they are a type of band that needs a chronological listen to all their albums to really get the super taste. People say Guillotine is their best, but its a little bit too drony for me and a little bit lo-fi,but its got its charm. Hope that helped?! :) Empire and Pori are two that i’ve heard very briefly and have been trying to get my hands on since…

  5. Petya Venikov said,

    maybe start with the live albums first?

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