The Jesus Lizard – Goat [1991]

Posted in alternative,noise rock,pigfuck,post-punk by deek on April 8, 2008



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  1. Anonymous said,

    Thanks so much for this. Best noisy rock record of the 90’s bar none.

  2. Rohan said,

    Fix the link please! Great record btw

  3. admin said,

    fixed sir.

  4. Rohan said,

    Lol, thanks man, this blog rules

  5. Anonymous said,

    link down again,

  6. admin said,

    looks like somebody special found my blog. lawlz

  7. Anonymous said,

    of all the records on this site, why the fuck is this one getting targeted?

  8. admin said,

    good question. great album though.


  9. Anonymous said,

    “Best noisy rock record of the 90’s bar none.”

    i really wasn’t old enough to hear these bands while they were in the moment, but i still feel that band like sonic youth and mbv hold up pretty well against these guys…

  10. fuck said,

    link down

  11. admin said,


  12. hrd said,

    down again

  13. admin said,

    if somebody representing this band would like these links to not be posted, you can email me at deekmedia[at]gmail[dot]com and i’ll discontinue posting mirrors, which there are plenty of.

    link fixed.

  14. James said,

    link down

  15. deek said,


  16. deek said,

    http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?o3mdany2mqy (credit: eliianacone)

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